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Ensemble Molière: Medicine and Mortality

  • St Mary's Church Dymock Gloucestershire UK (map)

Medicine and Mortality - Life, Death and Beyond -

Ensemble Molière presents a musical performance with narration of Medicine and Mortality, featuring medical themed pieces including Le Tableau de l'opération de la Taille by Marin Marais, as well as music about life and death from the same period in France.

"Dare to spend a day in a 17th-century French hospital!
We see various scenes: a gall bladder operation with no anaesthetic, an asthmatic patient, someone convalescing and we meet a doctor. 

The glorious bells of St Genevieve toll, as one of the patients at the hospital has died. A funeral follows and Polymnie, the goddess of hymn, bids farewell to the soul as it rises to heaven."